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for rinnuninnu. Not because it's what she expected, but because it's what a friend of ours needs.
R (seriously. it's tsunamific, and not to hurt anyone, but it's what came out.)
yes please
i wish


Elijah panicked when he saw the news. Where the fuck was Karl filming? Damn home-schooling...geography, where, where was Karl filming? Fuck.

"atlas, atlas, fuck, no, no, no yeah Australia fucking big man Queensland fuck what does that MEAN???"

"Google>Australia>Queensland>floods no i fucking knew that okay there oh, thank god, thank you god thank you"

"Air New Zealand? It's Fro-This is Elijah Wood, do you fly from California to Queensland? Thanks. No, Yeah? You can connect me? Great, man, great, thanks. Thanks!"

"Qantas? Yeah. Yeah, thanks, man I have to get to Queensland now, I mean, as soon as you can get me there, yeah, I can leave in---10 minutes---yeah. Yeah. Good, Yeah. Visa. Great. Thanks."

Elijah panicked when the cell didn't work. He cried in the cab, in line at the airport, one time it was great to be known, his eyes saved him, pulled into the priveliged flier lounge by an empathetic employee, no questions, just tissues and a beer. He tried a hundred times, a thousand, called Bernard, he didn't know if Karl changed his number, why would he, Thanks, sorry, yeah...bye...can we just go now?

Elijah panicked when he couldn't reach Dom, was Dom in Hawaii, what happened to Hawaii, cried when he reached Billy's cell and Dom answered, cried when they tried to reassure him that Karl was fine, that he would be there, that he was probably out in the countryside somewhere the cell didn't work don't worry, man, we love you, we'll call if we hear anything, you're halfway there, try to get some rest, man, you can sleep anywhere.

Elijah panicked when he entered the terminal and didn't know where to go, who to ask, what to do. He cried in the line at information, barely able to get a word out without sniffling, forgetting completely now about the cell, just, I need to find my friend. My lover. Karl.

"Karl? Karl? Oh, fuck, Karl!"

Elijah cried as Karl swept him up and held him so close, so close, "I was so close to losing you, so close, I couldn't find you, and you didn't answer, and-"

"Lij. I'm right here. I've been helping at the call center."

Elijah cried. But he wasn't panicked any more.

"Let me come help you, man." I love you so much, I thought I'd lost you.

"Ok, little man. Come on then." And now you've found me. And I love you, too.

Elijah didn't even notice the cameras: all he noticed was how wonderful he felt kissing his very-much-thank you god-alive lover, as deep as he possibly could, right now.

Karl cried.

not what I expected in a million years.
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