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I think I died and went to heaven!! A whole community for one of my most favouritest pairings!! *bounces with joy*

I thought I'd post this little ficlet I wrote about a year and a half ago, for this challenge where you had to write a piece of smut in exactly 10 sentences. I hope you'll like it!

Title: Incredible...
Author: Samena
Pairing: Elijah Wood/Karl Urban
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Just your basic short smut fic.
Feedback: Would be wonderful!
Disclaimer: Don't know them, don't own them, this is purely fiction, I'm not getting paid for this.
AN: Fluffy PWP. Elijah's POV. Written for the Smut In Ten challenge.

* * *
I look up into glistening, hazel eyes hovering above me and I wonder for the thousandth time how this is possible, still not fully believing this is happening... His beautiful features, flooded with passion, soften and a smile spreads around his lush lips, as he dips his head and nuzzles his face into my shoulder.

"You are so hot... do you know that?" He whispers, before running his tongue slowly up my neck, following the wildly pulsing artery there, and licking the outer rim of my ear, causing innumerable shivers to dance over my heated skin.

I moan and wrap my legs high around his waist, trying to pull him even deeper inside me, enfolding him tightly in my arms, as if I never want to let him go, never, ever want this to end... and I really don't; I could stay here - in these arms, in this bed, with this beautiful, beautiful man - forever, and be ecstatically happy...

"Please... Karl... Fuck me... I need you to fuck me," I beg, not even recognizing my own voice, raw as it is with naked need, and I'm amazed at the way he's making all my inhibitions vanish and making me wild with desire for him.

He kisses and nibbles his way over to my face again, and hungrily closes his mouth over mine, his dark hair cascading across his brow and cheeks, kissing me deeply, plunging his tongue inside my mouth, and I kiss him back, laying all my passion and my love for him into this single kiss.

He's been gently rocking his hips against me all this time, but now he's starting to thrust in and out of me in a frenzied rhythm, slipping his hand between our bodies, grabbing hold of my cock, quickly pumping up and down my shaft; each of his thrusts mirrored by his tongue inside my mouth, my own tongue rubbing and twisting against his, while moans and whimpers escape our lips.

Suddenly indescribable pleasure explodes all through me, and I tear my lips away from his, throwing my head back against the pillow, panting, ohgodohgodohgod, over and over again, while the world around us disappears and there's only the two of us, and this ecstasy, and my heart pounding, and my skin tingling...

"I love fucking you... I love you..." He gasps, as his own orgasm overtakes him and I can feel his warm essence spilling deep inside of me. And all I can do is just lie there; completely satiated, speechless, boneless, mindless - clasping him to me, as I've just died and gone to heaven...

* * *

And one day, when my muses decide to smile upon me, I might write that one LONG fic that's been playing through my mind for ages...
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