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It's SlashaBaby time again! [13 Oct 2006|07:38pm]

Hello all,

Another year has passed and Christmas is starting to loom. Thus, slashababy's lotrips fic exchange is starting up again. Do come and join us!

The requirements are the same as previous years. This is a lotrips story exchange. All fics should be at least 1 000 words in length. We're trying to make sure that somebody doesn't write 10 pages of fic to only get a drabble in return.

+ Sign ups are open and will end on 20 October.
+ Pairings will go out by 30 October.
+ The deadline for all fics is for 10 December.
+ Fics will be posted on 25 December in time for Christmas.
+ Authors will be revealed on 31 December in time for New Years' Day.

Please come along and join the fun!

(sorry for cross-posting, we're trying to make sure everyone is invited)
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[01 Feb 2006|02:54am]

[ mood | satisfied ]

Title: Twenty-Five for 50kinkyways
Author: Lozateazer lozateazer
Pairing: Elijah Wood/Karl Urban
Rating: NC-17
Summary: #25. Orgy
Warnings: Orgy, cream facial
Beta: Not worth someone’s time
Disclaimer: I own these boys about as much as I own, well, anything. Karl and Elijah belong to themselves, and I make no claim about who they shtup in real life.
Author’s Note: These will all be separate one-shots, so while I would be very happy if you read them all, you don’t have to, to get what’s going on.
Word Count: 478
Progress: 2/50

My Big Kinky Table!

Onto the smut!Collapse )

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[15 Nov 2005|05:48pm]

Title: Why Karl and Elijah Are In A Box
Author: Lozateazer lozateazer
Pairing: Karlijah, implied Monaboyd, Viggorli
Rating: G
Summary: Why Karl and Elijah are in a box.
Warnings: Crack!fic, major Dom bashing
Beta: Not worth someone’s time
Disclaimer: I own these boys about as much as I own, well, anything. Karl and Elijah belong to themselves, and I make no claim about who they shtup in real life.
Author’s Note: For willowwing , who’s going to be sending me my very own Karl-in-a-Box for this.

Karl was frustrated.Collapse )
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FIC: Never Enough [06 Apr 2005|07:49pm]

I'm new - but I come bearing gifts.... f_lexi_ble suggested I post this here.</span>

TITLE: Never Enough
AUTHOR: Juniper
PAIRING: Karlijah
SUMMARY: Karl needs to forget.
WARNING: umm...sex? Slight restraint??
DISCLAIMER: It's all a big pack of lies...none of it's true (at least as far as I know)
AUTHOR’S NOTE: this is for my lovely friend, f_lexi_ble. I had a little spare time so I thought I’d try my hand at Karlijah. 1,500+ words in one hour.

Also - this is unbeta'd. If you see any glaring errors, please reply nicely and I'll fix them. :D

Everyone else, this is Karlijah - if you don’t like it, don’t read it... If you do read it, leave feedback please - I’m a Karlijah virgin and I want to know how well I performed.

Set during principal filming.

It will never be enough...Collapse )

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[22 Jan 2005|10:19pm]

This is for leximirkwood because she's my new best friend :P
I decided to put it here too (just to show off)
linked to my LJ

A little Karl/Elijah Wall
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[10 Jan 2005|06:51pm]

*sings Happy Birthday to sacreddesire, slightly out of key but well meaning, all the same*

Title: Blow the Candle Out
Author: lavitanuova
Pairing: Karl/Elijah
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: These men aren't mine, and this story isn't true.

Elijah catches his eye across the room...Collapse )
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[08 Jan 2005|09:58am]

This is a ficlet I wrote for samena at her request for something fluffy and with kissing, Karl inexperienced. Rated R-ish, I would say.

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[04 Jan 2005|07:26pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Pairing: EW/KU
Part: 5/5 + Epilogue
Rating: NC17 for violence
Summary: Viggo finally snaps but Karl and Eijah find they aren't on their own.
Feedback: Yes please I need to feel the love.
Disclaimer: It. is. Fiction.
Beta: dalehead
AN: This is kind of dedicated to ballyorn who will never read this but now knows my slashy secret.

"But I will learn to breathe this ugliness you see,
So we can both be there and we can both share the dark.
And in our honesty, together we will rise,
Out of our nightminds, and into the light
At the end of the fight."

Nightminds-Missy Higgins

Other parts here.


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Found [01 Jan 2005|01:26pm]

[ mood | sad ]

for rinnuninnu. Not because it's what she expected, but because it's what a friend of ours needs.
R (seriously. it's tsunamific, and not to hurt anyone, but it's what came out.)
yes please
i wish

Read more...Collapse )
not what I expected in a million years.

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[23 Dec 2004|08:10pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

Title: Catching Elijah
Writer: Lexi (lexi_mirkwood@hotmail.com)
Pairing: EW/KU
Part: 4/5
Rating: NC17
Summary: Elijah
Feedback: Yes please I need to feel the love.
Disclaimer: It. is. Fiction.
Betas My lovely dalehead who is always encouraging even when I'm being tragic.
AN this was supposed to be four parts but is now five with an epilogue. I never really know when to stop writing, but there is is a reason for the epilogue so hang in there with me...

“I know they all want you
With your Desdemona's eyes
I'll keep you from danger
Save you from prying eyes
I can make the world safe for you”
“Make the World Safe for You”-The Whitlams

Desdemona's Eyes

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[23 Dec 2004|12:55am]

Title: Inches
Author: Nimlothriel
Email: nimlothriel@yahoo.com.au
Pairing: Karl/Elijah
Rating: NC17
Feedback: is the cream in my jeans.
Archive: My LJ - http://www.livejournal.com/users/nimlothriel/ , Mirrormere. Others I'd be honoured just drop me a line.
Disclaimer: Not in any way did this happen – to the best of my knowledge anyway
AN: 100 word Drabble
Especially for Sileya – Happy Christmas honey!

because Karlijah is so special
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[22 Dec 2004|11:50pm]

[ mood | lonely ]

Title: Catching Elijah
Writer: Lexi (lexi_mirkwood@hotmail.com)
Pairing: EW/KU
Part: 3/5
Rating: NC17
Summary: Sometimes you have to fight to hold onto what you want.
Feedback: Yes please I need to feel the love.
Disclaimer: It. is. Fiction.
Beta: dalehead, I've thanked you before but I can never thank you enough.

“When you are set to throw in your hand
When you are far from home
When what you believe is buried in your hands
When you feel outgrown
I'll be the one to pick you up again
When you decide you've had enough of it”

“Pick You Up”- Powderfinger

Pick You Up

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[21 Dec 2004|10:57pm]

[ mood | discontent ]

This fic was written for the Yahoo group "The Gods Themselves" Twelve Days of Christmas challenge. I got six geese a laying which I thought was going to be hard but wasn't as bad as I thought. It's my first AU and features three of my favourite things Karl, Elijah and good food. Yay.

Title: Christmas at Paramount
Author: Lexi (lexi_mirkwood@hotmail.com)
Pairing: Elijah and Karl with gratuitous cameos from Sean B, Orlando, Hannah W. and Dom.
Rating: NC17
Summary: Its an AU set in Elijah's restaurant in New York and it's Christmas and it involves six geese, not necessarily laying but I did my best.
Disclaimer: It's not at all true.
Beta: My fantabulous dalehead.

six geese a laying

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[28 Nov 2004|07:05pm]

[ mood | lazy ]

Title: Catching Elijah
Writer: Lexi (lexi_mirkwood@hotmail.com)
Pairing: EW/KU
Part: 2/5
Rating: NC17
Summary: Elijah needs help and Karl is the only one he can turn to.
Feedback: Yes please I need to feel the love.
Disclaimer: It. is. Fiction.
Betas legomyarrow and dalehead look I used trainers instead of sneakers *muwah*.

If I run tonight would you promise to be there
Would you say the words that comfort me all around I swear
If I run tonight and I take it overboard with a word or two I give to you
It's all I can afford.

“Over and Out'” The Superjesus

All I Can AffordCollapse )

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[24 Nov 2004|08:30am]

Hello! What a great idea. There is not nearly enough Karlijah fic around, hope to see lots here :-)

I don't come bearing fics, but I do come bearing links. I used to maintain a fic links page that lists Elijah with big men ... here is the link to the Karlijah portion:

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YAAAY! [24 Nov 2004|01:58pm]

[ mood | happy ]

I think I died and went to heaven!! A whole community for one of my most favouritest pairings!! *bounces with joy*

I thought I'd post this little ficlet I wrote about a year and a half ago, for this challenge where you had to write a piece of smut in exactly 10 sentences. I hope you'll like it!

FicletCollapse )

And one day, when my muses decide to smile upon me, I might write that one LONG fic that's been playing through my mind for ages...

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[24 Nov 2004|10:11pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Yay! A whole community for my fave pairing. I have joined and I come bearing gifts...

Title: Catching Elijah
Writer: Lexi (lexi_mirkwood@hotmail.com)
Pairing: EW/KU
Part: 1/4
Rating: PG13 hitting NC17 later on
Summary: When Elijah loses his grip he needs someone to help him hang on.
Feedback: Yes please I need the precciousss feedback
Disclaimer: It. is. Fiction.
Betas: legomyarrow and dalehead who I was glad to find liked playing in the Karl and Elijah part of the playground with me.

Waking to these sounds again
I wonder how I'll sleep
Passing out is taking off into the stubborn deep
I'd like to meet a human who makes it all seem clear
To work out all these cycles and why I'm standing here
I'm falling
Over and Over-Moorcheeba

Over and OverCollapse )

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