Lotripper (msilverstar) wrote in karlijah,

It's SlashaBaby time again!

Hello all,

Another year has passed and Christmas is starting to loom. Thus, slashababy's lotrips fic exchange is starting up again. Do come and join us!

The requirements are the same as previous years. This is a lotrips story exchange. All fics should be at least 1 000 words in length. We're trying to make sure that somebody doesn't write 10 pages of fic to only get a drabble in return.

+ Sign ups are open and will end on 20 October.
+ Pairings will go out by 30 October.
+ The deadline for all fics is for 10 December.
+ Fics will be posted on 25 December in time for Christmas.
+ Authors will be revealed on 31 December in time for New Years' Day.

Please come along and join the fun!

(sorry for cross-posting, we're trying to make sure everyone is invited)
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