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Title: Twenty-Five for 50kinkyways
Author: Lozateazer lozateazer
Pairing: Elijah Wood/Karl Urban
Rating: NC-17
Summary: #25. Orgy
Warnings: Orgy, cream facial
Beta: Not worth someone’s time
Disclaimer: I own these boys about as much as I own, well, anything. Karl and Elijah belong to themselves, and I make no claim about who they shtup in real life.
Author’s Note: These will all be separate one-shots, so while I would be very happy if you read them all, you don’t have to, to get what’s going on.
Word Count: 478
Progress: 2/50

My Big Kinky Table!

Karl grunted as he pounded into the body underneath him. He didn't know his name, and he didn't care. All he cared about was his lover, who was a good ten feet from him, also surrounded by flesh. It was quite the site to see.

Elijah was on all fours. He was being fucked from both ends, and another person was sucking him off. There were at least two others touching him, wanking on him. Karl wasn't surprised. Not only was his lover a movie star, but also looked young and innocent. A very heady mix.

It had been Karl's idea to bring him to this party, but Elijah had been eager to accept. After all their months together, the older man had learned that there was almost nothing sexual that Elijah wouldn't go along with, and this was no exception.

By now, almost everyone had had their turn fucking his young lover, and the blue-eyed wonder had seemed to be the perfect slut, loving every minute of it. When his mouth wasn't being taken, he would be screaming out, loud curses and ramblings showing his pure ecstasy. Though Karl had yet to touch him since they had entered. He sat back, every now and then fucking the nearest willing body as he watched his love.

By the way Elijah was shaking it was obvious he was about to come. It would be his fifth time of the night, and Karl was honestly surprised the boy hadn't passed out yet. Pulling out of the body beneath him, he shoved the man out of his way and prowled over to his lover, his intent clear on his face. Elijah Wood was his, and none other, and he was going to claim him.

The man fucking him tried to stop Karl, but he was no match. It only took a plea Elijah to get all the others off his body, but not far from the scene. With a bruising kiss and a growl, the Kiwi flipped his young lover onto his back, pushing quickly into his well-fucked hole. Tearing his lips away, he growled, "Mine."

The man who had been fucking Elijah approached the couple on his knees, fisting his cock quickly. Yelling his agreement, Elijah tipped his head back, welcoming the man. It took only a minute more before the stranger came, coating the young man's face with his release.

Watching Elijah lick his lips, trying to get a taste of the cum made Karl's cock throb and grow, surging into his lover as he jerked him. Within moments Elijah's whole body tenses, before he screamed out his orgasm. The contracting ripples around Karl's cock pushed him over the edge, and his release surged into the tight wet heat of his lover.

After they had recovered, both men dressed and left the gathering, unable to go on any longer.
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