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Disclaimer: RPS fanfic. Not for profit. Total fiction. Made it all up.
Rating: NC-17. PWP. Strictly for adults.
Pairing: Karl/Elijah


"Where we goin'?"

Elijah squirmed around in the car seat, pulling his knees up to his chest, fighting with the seatbelt to get himself comfortable. Karl glanced at him and grinned.

"Going parking. Ever have car sex, Lijah?"

Elijah's breath went short and he gulped air before he answered. "No. Never had a chance to try that."

"I thought all you Yanks grew up doing everything possible in cars. Thought it was a rite of passage or something."

"Guess I'm not a typical Yank, then."

"I'll buy that," Karl muttered. "Don't think you're a typical anything."

He pulled the car off the road, into a side lane that twisted and turned between rows of trees and brush that kept thickening until it closed in around them and there was nowhere to go. He stopped it there, undid his seatbelt, and turned, arm along the back of his seat, grinning. There was just enough light for Elijah to see him, his dark, close-cut hair soft as velvet on his scalp, eyes deep as wells. Karl's mouth was full and ripe-looking, as though it would yield juice if Elijah latched on and bit in.

"So what do we do now?" Elijah asked, though he had an idea of what he'd like to do. He fumbled to unhook his own seatbelt, and it snaked back into its holder. He was shaking some, wondering why he was scared. They'd been together twice, and it worked between them. Fuck, but it worked. He was hard just thinking about it.

"What do you want to do?" Karl asked, his voice low and soft. "I've been the one to take the first step twice now. Why don't you show me what you like?"

Elijah blinked. "Yeah?"

"What did I just say, baby boy?"

Elijah grabbed him, sliding both hands up behind his neck and pulled his head down so he could reach that ripe mouth and fastened onto it like a baby onto a nipple. He sucked that full lower lip in and bit, not as hard as he wanted to, but hard enough to sting. Karl yelped and pulled back, but that was a mistake, because Elijah didn't let go, and dived forward instead, ramming him against the car door, both of them wedged in between the wheel and the seat. He was between Karl's legs, half-lying on him, squirming to get more friction going, and trying to eat that sweet lower lip, still not biting as hard as he'd like, but gnawing at it like a puppy going after a chew toy.

Karl stopped pulling back and opened his mouth, relaxing, and a chuckle rumbled in his chest when Elijah growled and licked and nibbled, then snapped his hips forward hard, slamming them together. When Elijah finally had to come up for air, Karl grabbed him by the hair, which was barely long enough for him to get a good grip. Holding him still, Karl pretended to glare at him.

"Fuckin' little cannibal, you tryin' to eat me whole?"

"Without salt," Elijah answered, trying to reach his neck. Karl held him back.

"You plannin' on any more biting? Cause there's arteries and stuff in that neck."

"Maybe just a little," Elijah said, wriggling, and feeling the maddening constriction of too many clothes in the way. "I wanta taste everything."

"Fuck, I think you're more than most anybody could handle." Karl released Elijah and let him have his way, which was to crawl higher onto his body and start licking and suckling at his neck, moving up to his ear, then back down, sliding lower, until he could push the knit shirt up and reach a nipple. He closed his mouth on it and sucked hard, then bit, harder, feeling the other man's body buck beneath him.

"Back seat," Karl gasped, pushing him away. "Come on, wanker."

Elijah backed away, turned and groped for the door handle, found it and pulled. The car door opened and he spilled out onto the ground. He tried to get up, slipped on the grass and fell, and lay there on his back, knees pulled up, arms wrapped over his stomach, helplessly giggling. He heard Karl snort. A minute later, he was being yanked to his feet by a very impatient Karl, who turned him, smacked his ass, and said, "Get the fuck in the car, baby boy."

The back seat was a bit roomier than the front, but not by much. They had trouble finding places for their knees and elbows and lying down was impossible. They ended up with Karl sitting on the seat, jeans around his ankles, Elijah facing him on his lap, naked from the waist down, squirming and swearing until Karl got them both lubed. Then he settled down, slowly, breathing in gasps until he felt himself filled and he could gradually relax and begin to move, looking into those dark eyes, and then it was everything he'd wanted and more. He angled in for a kiss, and Karl pulled back, glaring at him.

"No biting, you little fucker."

"No biting," he promised. He kept his promise, but it wasn't easy with their pace speeding up and the heat building in his belly, the tension drawing his balls up tight, Karl's hand wrapped around his cock, stroking harder as they both got closer.

He came first, shuddering and biting his own lip to keep himself from howling. Karl's breath on his face was hot and sweet, and he pulled Elijah's mouth to his and kissed him, his body shaking with his own climax.

They sat melted into each other, the summer darkness soft and warm around them, their ragged breathing loud, becoming softer as it slowed and evened.


"Yeah, baby boy?"

"Next time, can we take my car?"

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