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Disclaimer: RPS fanfic. Not for profit. Fiction, AU.
Pairing: Elijah/Karl


"So, you want to tell me what we're doing in here?" Elijah looks around the big room curiously. It's mostly gray, with windows along one wall, lots of three-quarter walls laid out so that no entrance faces another. A maze, where people work but don't connect, and he thinks it may be the loneliest thing he's ever seen. Right now, it's almost dark, except for a few small nightlights glowing here and there, and the hush is almost palpable. Floors and even walls are covered with carpet in different shades and tones of gray. Rain is falling, streaking the windows and making moving shadows over everything.

"Just hangin', you wanker." Karl slings an arm around Elijah's neck and gives him a hug, then lets go. They've been hanging out tonight, and even had that one night when they both got hammered and looked at some bondage porn, then went back to Karl's place and tried to do some S/M which didn't work for them. They wound up just doing regular. . .well, sort of regular sex. That was two weeks ago, and they've been working at different locations so they haven't seen each other since. Elijah feels a little funny, because he doesn't know how Karl feels about that night, or if he wants to do something about it, or forget it.

They had a couple of beers with the others, and played some pool, but everybody else went over to Bean's place to watch a movie. More porn. Karl said no, he felt like a walk, and Elijah asked, shyly, if he wanted company. The big Kiwi gave him a grin and said, "Sure, mate, come on."

They walked and talked a little, not about anything important, and definitely not about that night, and somehow wound up on the studio lot, and found their way to this office building. They decided to explore a little, so they took an elevator up to the fourth floor, and here they are with this big, cold room full of little cubicles stretching before them.

"Wonder who works here," Elijah says, wandering over to the entrance to one of the cubicles. It's maybe eight feet by eight, with a built in counter and a chair, a computer and monitor set up, a tiny bookcase holding manuals of some kind. There's a trash can beneath the desk. A couple of pictures on the carpeted wall. He leans closer to look. Kids. Some guy. A woman and the same kids and a dog, sitting on a blanket.

"Secretaries, I guess," Karl says, moving in closer behind him. He's standing right behind Elijah, so close his body heat radiates out and warms Elijah's back through the damp velour shirt he's wearing. Elijah wonders if he should move back that half a step and press himself against Karl's front. He wants to do it. He's been thinking about how that husky body felt on top of him on Karl's bed, and he wishes he knew just what Karl really wants.

"You're acting shy. You really don't know what I'm thinking?" Karl's hand comes to rest on his shoulder, lightly, and begins to rub back and forth, then slides to the back of his neck, closes, pulls him back and he comes willingly, until he's pressed so closely to the other man's body that they feel like one person.

"I think so, but it's been two weeks, and we were both pretty drunk. . ."

"Ye're not gonna blame it on bein' drunk, now, are you Lije? Try to tell me you didn't know what you were doing?"

"No way. I just wasn't sure about you. If it was something you didn't want to go on with."

"Would I be here, now, if that was true?" Soft lips touch the back of his neck and kiss once, twice, then trail kisses up his neck, to his ear. Tongue moving there, warm and wet, teasing at the sensitive skin. Both hands moving around, over, down, sliding inside the waist of his jeans, pushing farther, to grab his cock and squeeze, not too hard, just enough to make him gasp and arch.

"Ah...Jesus!" He reaches back, wrapping his arms as far around Karl's body as he can, squeezing the hard, rounded globes of his ass, pulling him as close as he can, and his body is moving without his telling it what to do, pushing him into that hard-soft, teasing grip, while the tongue keeps licking up and down his neck and his ear, and the other man's breathing is becoming more rapid, his voice hoarse.

His hands move again, sliding up and out, and Elijah moans, "No!" but it's okay, Karl murmurs, "A minute, love," and opens his jeans, pushes them and his boxers down and off, Elijah lifting one foot and then the other to let him push the clothes completely off along with his shoes. Karl moves him forward a step, and the warm hands leave him for a moment, but he hears the sound of unfastening and unzipping, and he waits, his head down, his chest heaving.

Karl turns him around to face him. He bends his knees, slides his arms around Elijah's body and grabs him with both hands under his bottom, then lifts him up, so he can wrap both legs around the other man's hips, so he's riding him, and their erections are sliding against each other. He's strong enough that he doesn't need to lean against the wall, and Elijah wraps his arms around the Kiwi's neck and clings with all his strength, moaning into his mouth, feeling the heat building up in his belly, like something on fire that's going to explode. Their bodies move and thrust, almost struggling against each other, and the only sound is the harsh, quick gasps of their breathing.

"Can't. . .wait. . ." he whispers urgently.

"Don't fuckin' try, let it come, you fucker. . ."

"Ah, fuck, I. . .want. .."

"I know what you want." His mouth closes over Elijah's mouth, sucking and probing and almost eating him alive, and it's all he wants, to be taken and to take and to have everything come together in this lovely, desperate, thrusting, striving moment when he is just a body, a thing seeking nothing more than completion, and when it comes it wrings a scream from him, and Karl surges up harder against him, and cries out with him.

His whole body goes limp, and he would fall, but his lover is holding him, and letting him down gently to stand on his feet, arms strong around him, hands supporting him, until he can stop trembling and panting, and take some of his own weight again.

"All right?" Karl bends a bit to look into his eyes.

"All right? I'm a fuckin' mess."

"Well, yes, but other than that? This was what you wanted?"

"This was a start," he says.

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