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FIC: Never Enough

I'm new - but I come bearing gifts.... f_lexi_ble suggested I post this here.</span>

TITLE: Never Enough
AUTHOR: Juniper
PAIRING: Karlijah
SUMMARY: Karl needs to forget.
WARNING: Slight restraint??
DISCLAIMER: It's all a big pack of lies...none of it's true (at least as far as I know)
AUTHOR’S NOTE: this is for my lovely friend, f_lexi_ble. I had a little spare time so I thought I’d try my hand at Karlijah. 1,500+ words in one hour.

Also - this is unbeta'd. If you see any glaring errors, please reply nicely and I'll fix them. :D

Everyone else, this is Karlijah - if you don’t like it, don’t read it... If you do read it, leave feedback please - I’m a Karlijah virgin and I want to know how well I performed.

Set during principal filming.

Never Enough


“Please?” Beautiful hazel eyes beg from across the table. “I really need this...”

At the desperation that sounds in the rough voice, the other voices around the table fall silent. Heads turn and eyes stare as the full implication of the plea sinks in.

Elijah drops his fork onto his plate, cringing at the metallic clatter that makes him appear to be upset. In truth, it’s nervousness that causes him to lose his grip, allowing the fork to scatter his rice across the table. He rises slowly and turns his back on the table, making his way carefully from the catering tent to his trailer.

He flops bonelessly into his makeup chair and ignores the questioning looks of his assistant. His mind is spinning as he recalls the plea.

I just need to forget...just for a little while...things are going wrong...I can’t be what she needs...

Was Karl asking for a fun time out on the town with the guys? Or was he asking for something far more intimate?


Karl knows he’s said too much the instant that Elijah drops his fork onto his plate. He expects a smartass remark from the younger man, but is entirely surprised when Elijah rises from his seat and leaves the tent.

The other Hobbits and Orlando look at him speculatively. He shrugs his shoulders, trying to pass it off as a joke. “Just want to have a fun time...a night out. Is that so wrong?”

He doesn’t miss the muffled snort that Billy tries to hide with a cough. He notices the look that passes between Dom and Orlando. But most of all, he sees the warning in Sean Astin’s glare.


The sun is sinking low behind the tree line as Karl leaves Eomer behind for the day. He trudges slowly to his car, his head hanging low as he berates himself for trying to proposition a boy like Elijah. He pulls the keys from his pocket as he reaches the car, staring at them as his mind wanders. He never hears the footsteps crunching in the gravel behind him.

He’s aware that he’s being pressed against his car, but his confused mind won’t let him struggle. He relaxes when he hears the smooth voice ask, “Did you mean it?”


Elijah lies in wait for Karl. He’s been ready to leave for an hour now, but his mind won’t let him rest until he finds out what Karl meant by his earlier remarks. He uses Karl’s distraction to pin him to the car. Pressing his body against the taller man, he asks, “Did you mean it?”

Elijah’s heart pounds and his mind races with the fears that he might have been wrong about Karl...that Karl might really want to spend a night out on the town with the Hobbits and Orli. But the doubt is gone when Karl pushes back against him and groans.

“Yes, I meant it...I want to forget who I am...if only for tonight.”

Tonight is not enough for Elijah, but he’s willing to take what he can get. He knows that Karl has a girlfriend. He knows that they’re serious. But he also knows what Karl is asking for right at this moment.

Backing away from Karl, he walks around to the passenger’s side of the car. “Let’s go then.”


Karl fumbles with the keys for a moment, casting glances across the roof of his car to make sure that he’s not imagining all of this and that Elijah really is here and is willing to give him what he needs. He’s reassured when the young man flashes him an enigmatic smile.

At last, he opens his door and slides in, reaching over to pop the lock on Elijah’s side. Karl’s almost afraid that he’s asking too much as he sees the brief look of uncertainty that passes across Elijah’s face as the young man climbs into the car. The look is fleeting though, and Karl forgot it was ever there when Elijah reaches across the car and grabs him by the shirt, yanking him across the console.

Elijah’s lips are hot and wet as they press against Karl’s. Karl opens his mouth under the assault, tasting cloves and the faint taste that vodka?...on Elijah’s tongue as it sweeps into his mouth. Elijah kisses like a whirlwind, sweeping you up and making you forget everything but your lips, your heart, and your cock.

When he suddenly lets go of Karl, the older man falls back against the driver’s side door, his eyes dark and his lips red as he tries to catch his breath. He’s stunned for a moment, but he recovers quickly, starting the car and pulling out of the gravel lot.


Elijah almost backs out as Karl unlocks the car door. When he climbs into the car and sees the questioning look on Karl’s face, he knows he’ll go through with this. In his mind, Elijah knows that he’s going to store this night in his memory forever, to take out and examine on rainy days and on lonesome nights.

Before he loses his will, he grabs Karl and kisses him with all of his heart. When it becomes too much, he lets Karl go, admiring the flush of blood in the older man’s cheeks and the heaving of the chest underneath the bunched up t-shirt.

They arrive at Elijah’s house after a short and silent drive. Karl looks uncertain as he gets out of the car, but Elijah brooks no opportunity for Karl to leave. He’s wanted this for so long now...had thought he’d never have it. He’s not going to lose it now. He takes Karl’s hand and leads him into the house.

As soon as the door closes behind them, Elijah has Karl pressed against it, his tongue buried deep in Karl’s mouth as he rips at the t-shirt covering the broad chest he’s wanted to touch for so long. The sound of ripping cloth doesn’t faze him as the old fabric parts easily. He spares a smile at the dazed look on Karl’s face when he leads him down the hallway and into the bedroom.


Karl has it in his mind to leave after seeing Elijah to his door. How can he take what’s being so freely offered by such a young man? He’s only 18 for fuck’s can he know what he wants?

Elijah takes the decision out of his hands by taking him by the hand. Before he realizes what’s happening, his shirt is history and he’s being pressed onto Elijah’s bed. The young man yanks at Karl’s jeans, pulling them down and off, along with the rest of his clothes. Karl lays on the bed, watching Elijah pull his own clothes off.

Elijah is young - and beautiful - and so aroused that he’s flushed a light pink from head to toe. Karl’s mouth waters at the sight in front of him. Of Elijah rolling a condom on...slicking his cock with lube. He groans as he’s flipped over, crushing his cock against the wrinkled sheets below him. He cries out when Elijah presses two, then three fingers into him, scissoring them rapidly and barely waiting until Karl quits squirming before pulling them out and shoving his cock inside in a single thrust.

Karl is transported immediately. The pain is all there is as Elijah takes him, blocking out everything else in his life. The pain fades into pleasure as Elijah begins to move, hitting that spot inside him consistently. Yes...this is what he wanted...oblivion...release.

When Elijah grips Karl’s wrists and holds them above his head as he pounds into him, Karl emits a low, keening moan. Elijah’s hips snap back and forth, driving him closer and closer to the point of no return.


Elijah struggles to hold back the tears as he takes Karl the way he wants to be taken. He knows that Karl needs this, and he’s not going to deny Karl what he needs. If this is the only way he’ll ever have Karl, then he’ll take it.

He’s so close to close to achieving part of what he’s dreamed of since Karl arrived on set. He feels Karl begin to tighten around him. Feels the telltale ripples just before he hears Karl’s voice moaning and whispering vague, ‘I love you’s. He comes just as Karl’s breathing begins to calm down.

He doesn’t fall on top of Karl. He pulls out as calmly as possible and hurries to the bathroom. Once inside, he rids himself of the condom and collapses onto the floor. His breath is dry and ragged sobs as he realizes that, no - this is not enough. It will never be enough.

He spends half an hour in the bathroom, hoping Karl will be gone when he comes out.


Karl is disappointed when Elijah leaves him so soon. He’s left feeling empty, and although Elijah made him forget for a while, he can’t help but feel slightly used as he realizes that Elijah’s probably not coming back.

It breaks his heart to know that the reason for his and Natalie’s problems is avoiding him in the next room. Five minutes...he tells himself. Just five more minutes and then he’ll leave Elijah alone for good.

When the bathroom door opens and Elijah steps out, Karl’s heart pounds erratically. Elijah stops just inside the door. At the look on Elijah’s face, Karl whispers, “One night isn’t enough...”

The End

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